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The sixth generation Fiat Ducato is the most advanced yet. Its available with four powerful engines and a wide choice of models with different load capacities and payload volumes depending on your specific requirements.

Exterior Style

Fiat Ducato Grille

The new Fiat Ducato grille is larger and wider, it conveys a feeling of power and dynamism, and it was designed to allow improved access to the engine compartment, increase air flow,be sturdier and easier to replace.

Also available in the glossy black variant.

Fiat Ducato Front Light

New DRL Daytime Running Lights

Despite their compact size the Ducato's re-designed headlights offer 40% more light efficiency than the previous model. The optional LED DRL headlights offer greater durability, low energy consumption, reduced fuel consumption and a unique style.​​


Fiat Ducato Dashboard

The cabin is comfortable and spacious and is equipped with a wraparound drivers seat so that you can relax whilst driving. Cruise control makes long journeys easier and there are a range of other features and options available including on-board climate control, UConnect radio, 5” LCD colour touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity - there is even a cool box housed inside the dashboard to keep your food and drink cool.​​

Fiat Ducato Independent Heater

Webasto independant heater

The Webasto heats the engine and passenger compartment quickly, improving on-board comfort and allowing you to get on the road sooner on those icy winter mornings.

The device can even be programmed to activate when the engine is switched off, allowing you to climb into a pre-heated cabin, defrost and avoid misting the windows.

Preheating the engine also reduces polluting emissions and fuel consumption.​​


Fiat Ducato Colour Touchscreen

UConnect radio (option) - Latest generation multimedia DAB radio featuring a 5" LCD colour touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, built in CD and MP3 player and steering wheel controls. 4 or 6 speakers (depending on the model) provide a high fidelity audio experience.

Climate Control - Air is well distributed around the cabin through several air vents that can be independently directed and adjusted. There is three different climate control systems available depending on the version.

Fiat Ducato Rear Camera

Rear Camera

Installed on the rear door spoiler, the optional rear camera allows for great visibility when parking. The system is activated when reverse gear is selected or when the rear doors are opened and the picture is sent to the 5" colour screen on the Uconnect radio.​​


The Fiat Ducato prioritises your safety allowing you to work and travel with maximum peace of mind. It features the most sophisticated safety technologies, that can be operated quickly and easily.
  • Power steering - Included as standard on all models, Servotronic power steering reduces the effort required to turn the wheel.
  • Cruise Control - Ideal for long motorway journeys, cruise control can be programmed to hold your desired speed.
  • Speed Limiter - Prevents you from exceeding the selected speed, keeping your attention on the road.
  • Traction + - Smart electronic differential ensures better handling and safety even over uneven surfaces.
  • Hill Descent Control - This system stops your speed from exceeding your pre-set limit when tackling a slope of up to 50%.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - The Ducato ESC system includes: Roll Over Mitigation, Load Adaptive Control, Traction Control, Hill Holder and Hydraulic Brake Assistance
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) - This system will determine whether the vehicle is changing lanes and alert the driver.
  • Parking sensors - 4 sensors sound a warning when you are approaching obstacles behind you while you are reversing.

Performance & Efficiency

Fiat Ducato Engine

Euro 5+ Engines

The Ducato is available with 4 Euro 5+ engines in 110, 130, 150 and 180 HP power options, so that you can always be sure of the performance which best suits your transport needs. Fuel conumption is the lowest in its class, up to 44.1 MPG (6.4 l/100 km) with the MultiJet II Euro 5+, for record savings, and up to 45.6 MPG (6.4 l/100 km) with the optional Start&Stop.

Fiat Ducato Gear stick

Automated robotised 6 speed gearbox

Performance and fuel consumption is improved. Driving is made less tiring particularily in heavy traffic. There is 3 different driving modes to choose from: automatic, semi automatic and manual.

Gearshift indicator suggests when to change gear for optimum use of the engine, helping reduce fuel consumption.​​

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