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The importance of proper tyre care and replacement between services is something that's often overlooked by many drivers. The FiatCare Tyre Programme has been devised to make tyre buying as easy as possible:

  • Easier to have your tyres checked by a professional, fully trained technician.
  • Easier to discover what the condition of your tyres are and how much longer they might last
  • Easier to ensure new tyres are of the right specification
  • What's more, you could even save money against other, fast fit tyre centres.

FiatCare makes it easy to choose your tyres

Only the very best tyres, suited for the characteristics of each model, are chosen. As a tyre ages and reaches the end of its useful life, its specifically-chosen qualities are likely to be impaired. To maintain your fuel economy and ensure the safety of you, your passengers and other road-users, regularly check your tyres or bring them to us so we can check for you.

Why use FiatCare in Kent and Berkshire from Thames Fiat?

All our Fiat-trained technicians use special tools to help them ensure replacement doesn't mean accidental wheel damage.

We can guarantee we'll fit the tyres Fiat recommend

Ou technicians can help you understand new tyre technology and can offer assistance when explaining the benefits of tyres filled with Nitrogen instead of air.

We'll give you a free inspection report for total peace of mind. We'll also tell you how much more life is in your tyres.

At Thames Fiat we stock a range of tyres suitable for all cars and vans, including tyres by Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone. Tyres can be expensive purchases, so we also have a quality selection of lower-cost alternatives to suit your budget. To ensure we give you the best possible price, we also offer a price pledge guarantee, let us know if you find a tyre at a lower cost elsewhere and we will match it.

Knowing what tyre is the right one for your Fiat can cause confusion so our Fiat approved technicians are available to give the best advice, based on your needs.

It is integral that the tyres on your Fiat comply with the legal UK requirements, particularly where the tread is concerned – at a minimum this should be 1.6 millimetres however we would advise changing tyres at 3 millimetres for optimum safety. At Thames Fiat we suggest that you check the tyre tread every few weeks to ensure you stay safe on the road. The lower the tread, the less able the tyre is to grip the road so stopping distances increase. Correct inflation of your Fiat tyre is also important as this can affect the life of the tyre.

Get in touch to book your Fiat in for a complimentary health check.

Contact us on 01892 256078 (Tunbridge Wells) or 01753 325063 (Slough)

Bridgestone invest millions into their tyre development each year which has ensured that they stay at the forefront of tyre innovation and are known across the globe for quality and excellence. Bridgestone’s continual evaluation of their tyres helps maintain the standards of safety, performance and efficiency that people have come to recognise. They were only established as a global company in the 1980safter success as Japan’s largest producer of tyres in the 1950s, but have been making tyres for over 80 years. Further accomplishments include their first Formula One World Championship in 1998.

Continental tyres are world-class, known for comfort, safety and excellent performance, achieved through continuous research and development and strict quality controls. Having manufactured tyres for over 130 years, their success has grown to the extent that in the last 10 years 1 in 4 European passenger cars feature tyres developed by Continental. They also act as a main Original Equipment Supplier to passenger car manufacturers within Europe. They also have a global presence, with operations in 35 countries and a reputation as one of the world’s foremost supplier of automotive parts.

Since the first tyre plant was opened in Dublin in 1889, Dunlop firmly established themselves as a key player in tyre development. Their innovative creativity has proved successful for almost 100 years when they manufactured a racing tyre that could be driven up to 200mph in the 1920s, marking the beginning of a role as a key player in racing sports. This leading-edge research has ensured they remain at the forefront of tyre manufacturing worldwide, achieving a consummate reputation among car and motorcycle supporters everywhere.

Goodyear have produced tyres since 1898 and in that time have become the number one tyre company in North America. Their on-going research into tyre improvement has also led to the creation of a tyre which impoves fuel efficiency but keeps the safety features, known as the EfficientGrip tyre. Advancements are continually being made to improve tyre features, remaining at the forefront of technological development. Goodyear were the first company to have a tyre on the moon! As the second largest supplier of tyres in Europe, Goodyear have also been active in the introduction of the EU tyre safety label, a way that customers can distinguish between the features of a tyre such as grip on road services as well as fuel efficiency and safety.

Michelin tyres first started development in Stoke-on-Trent in 1927, fast establishing themselves as a global leader, as less than 100 years later they operate in over 170 countries worldwide. Their success is due to their pioneering development and focus on tyre longevity, optimum safety and fuel savings. They are also famed for their Michelin Man logo which has become a well-known image throughout the years, even winning a prize in 2000 for ‘Best Logo Symbol of all time’ by a Financial Times worldwide panel. Producing over 150 million tyres in 2009, Michelin continue to remain at the cornerstone of tyre development.

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