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Introducing the Fiat 600e: An Electric Icon

Starting from £32,995

Discover the future of urban mobility with the Fiat 600e, a modern reinterpretation of the classic Fiat 600 that embraces sustainability and innovation. The Fiat 600e combines the timeless design of the original model with cutting-edge electric technology, delivering an eco-friendly and efficient driving experience.


Fiat 600e Features
Fiat 600e Front

Urban Style

Paying homage to the iconic Fiat 600, the Fiat 600e features a classic design with a contemporary flair. The retro aesthetic is tastefully blended with modern elements, creating a unique and stylish compact car.

The Fiat 600e is designed to maneuver through tight spaces and congested city traffic effortlessly. Its compact size ensures easy parking and enhances agility, making it an ideal choice for urban driving.

Fiat 600 Front
Fiat 600 Side
Fiat 600 Headlight
Fiat 600 Rear

Fiat 600 Interior

Sustainability Refined

The Fiat 600e offers a contemporary and inviting interior design, focusing on comfort and functionality. The cabin is thoughtfully laid out with quality materials, providing a comfortable and pleasing environment for both driver and passengers. Despite its compact exterior, the Fiat 600e maximizes interior space, offering ample legroom and headroom for occupants. The clever design ensures that every inch of space is utilised efficiently, providing a comfortable and open feel inside. There is space for all your passengers belongings with a generous 360L luggage capacity and in between the front passengers there is a smart central tunnel that can store up to 15L of cargo.

Thanks to massaging seats on the La Prima models, you can travel for miles without getting tired. All the seats in the 600e are embroidered with the Fiat logo and are made from recycled fabric. La Prima models are equipped with full synthetic leather upholstery.

Fiat 600 Seats
Fiat 600 Centre Console
Fiat 600 Seats

Electric Features

The new 600e is packed with advanced features to maximise driver comfort and economy. Some of these features include:

Driving Modes - The Fiat 600e offers various driving modes to tailor your driving experience and manage energy usage:

  • Normal Mode: Balances performance and efficiency for everyday driving.
  • Eco Mode: Optimizes energy consumption for extended range, ideal for longer drives or highway cruising.
  • Sport Mode: Enhances performance for a more dynamic and engaging driving experience.

Regenerative Braking - The 600e features regenerative braking technology, which converts kinetic energy during deceleration and braking into electrical energy. This energy is then fed back into the battery, helping to extend the driving range and improve overall efficiency.

Rapid Charging - Fast charge from 20% capacity to 80% in under 30 mins (with 100kW DC charger)

Fiat 500e Plugged in

Fiat 600 Infotainment


The Infotainment system in the Fiat 600e is the ultimate centre piece to a modern interior, it has a stunning high resolution 10.25" display and ultra-fast Bluetooth pairing which will connect to your smartphone in just 5 seconds.

Intuitive and customisable menus make the interface easy to operate, the driver can arrange the screen layout according to their personal preference. There is also a fully integrated Navigation platform which has you covered wherever you go.

Speech recognition allows you to interact with your car completely hands free, simply begin by saying "Hey Fiat".

Wireless Revolution

Connect your smartphone to the Uconnect 10.25" touchscreen display via Bluetooth and control your iPhone with Apple CarPlay or Android phone with Android Auto™️ completely wirelessly†. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™️ are the smarter ways to make calls, get directions, send and receive messages and listen to music through your smartphone while you focus on the road.

There is also a wireless phone charger for a truly wireless experience.

Connect Plus

Thanks to a range of innovative features, the new Connect PLUS pack* allows you to take control of your car like never before. Features include: remote vehicle access, charging management, the possibility of receiving notifications on the vehicle’s health, planning trips in electric cars, access to navigation, and many other services.

*Only available once the CONNECT ONE pack has been selected.

Fiat 600 App

Advanced Driving Features

The all-new Fiat 600e is packed with a host of advanced safety and security features. La Prima models feature Drive Assist (Level 2 Assisted Driving) as standard which brings a superior level of safety and assistance. Below are some of the advanced features available on the 600e.

Fiat 600 360 Protection

360º Protection

Marking and manoeuvring is made easy with 360º sensors all around the 600e. Available on La Prima models only.

Fiat 600 Handsfree Tailgate

Handsfree Tailgate

A brand new innovation for Fiat, the handsfree tailgate allows you to open and close the boot of your new 600e just by waving your foot under the rear bumper. Available on La Prima models only.

Fiat 600 Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection

If another vehicle is near your vehicles blind spot zones, the system will give you advanced warning. Available on La Prima models only.

Fiat 600 Rear View Camera

180º Rear View Camera

Complex manoeuvres are a breeze with the 180º rear parking camera on the Fiat 500e. Available for the La Prima models only.

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Embrace the future of urban mobility with the Fiat 600e. Experience the perfect blend of classic design and modern electric technology, offering a sustainable and efficient driving solution. Contact our dealership to reserve your Fiat 600e and be part of the electric revolution! Drive into the future with Fiat.


†Google, Google Play, Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.

To use Android Auto on your car display, you’ll need an Android Auto compatible vehicle, an Android phone running Android 5.0 or higher, and the Android Auto app.

To use Android Auto Wireless you will need to have one of the following
• Any smartphone with Android 11.0 and a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. In the European Union, smartphones must meet additional regulatory requirements in order to use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network in the car.
• Google or Samsung smartphone with Android 10.0.
• Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + or Note 8 phone running Android 9.0.

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