Gen-3 Glasscoat Paint Protection

To protect your new Fiat we recommend Gen-3 Glasscoat Paint Protection.

Developed by NASA, Gen-3 Glasscoat is designed to protect paintwork, bumpers and alloys from traffic pollutants, everyday weathering and corrosive bird lime. It even protects interior fabrics and surfaces.

Once professionally applied Glasscoat bonds with the pores in your paintwork to form an extremely durable, crystal clear finish, which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork. Glasscoat also requires no maintenance except washing.

Through the lifetime of your car the paintwork will be regularly exposed to harmful pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals that without Glasscoat protection will cause damage to the paint and progressive colour fade.

Gen-3 Glasscoat is a cutting edge formulation developed by NASA that can be applied to both new and used vehicles (up to five years-old) to either maintain or restore a showroom finish. It also has a number of other great benefits:

  • Guaranteed for 5 years!*
  • Resists UV light, cold, frost, exhaust fumes, acid rain and solvents
  • Guaranteed to protect against the corrosive effects of bird lime*
  • Tests have shown it offers more protection than any other similar products
  • Saves you time and money

The FCP interior protection system, Gen-3 Glasscoat will also be applied to your vehicle interior, providing outstanding protection for carpets and fabrics inside your vehicle that is:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-aerosol
  • Completely safe
  • And makes everyday dirt, spills and grime a breeze to remove
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For more information call 01892 549766 (Tunbridge Wells) or 01753 788000 (Slough)

* Bird lime must be removed within 21 days
** Terms and conditions apply.