Fiat AfterCare - when you have an accident, call Fiat

Fiat After Care

As a Fiat driver, you are entitled to use Fiat Accident AfterCare, a new, free customer support programme from Fiat, should you ever experience a vehicle accident or theft.

Fiat will...

  • Recover your vehicle and help to get you home​​
  • Liaise directly with your insurers to process the claim on your behalf - while you recover your composure and peace of mind
  • Help you exercise your legal right to have your vehicle repaired at a Fiat approved accident repair centre
  • Help you make sure only Fiat genuine parts are used in the repair, meaning your Fiat warranty is maintained
  • Arrange repair estimates and approval
  • Fill in your claims form for you, leaving you to relax as much as you can after an accident
  • Arrange a free courtesy car for the duration of the repair, then collect and deliver your repaired Fiat
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your Fiat's repair

Why should I call Fiat first, and not my insurer?

Most UK motor insurers focus heavily on minimising the cost of repairing vehicles. This could make a big difference to your vehicle's safety, residual value and driving pleasure.

Your insurer will typically direct your to one of their 'approved' accident repair centres, but these sometimes:

  • Are unlikely to be Fiat approved or have specific Fiat technical knowledge
  • Are often told by insurers to fit cheaper, non-genuine Fiat parts and panels whenever possible
  • Might repair damaged body panels when they should replace them
  • May not have the appropriate equipment to repair your technologically advanced Fiat
  • Are less likely to repair your Fiat to its pre-accident condition
  • Could invalidate the manufacturer's warranty

So, one minute your Fiat is 100% Fiat, then it isn't. Bad news for you and your Fiat.

You might think you have to do what your insurer says you should do - but you don't. You have the legal right to insist your vehicle is repaired at a Fiat approved accident repair centre, like Thames Motor Group.

Call Fiat First and our dedicated team will arrange this on your behalf and ensure a repair that keeps your Fiat 100% Fiat.

In the event of a vehicle theft

Contact the police, then call Fiat on 0844 209 2583 for advice on keeping you mobile.

Fiat can also help agree a valuation of your Fiat with your insurer and can discuss replacement vehicle options for you.