Fiat Air Conditioning Service only £69

Why do I need my Fiat air conditioning system checked?

Most cars come with air conditioning or climate control - but how does it work?

The system uses compressed refrigerant gas which circulates around the system. It cools the air that enters the cabin air and helps to demist windows in the winter as it removes condensation from within the cabin. Your Fiat handbook recommends that your air conditioning should be checked annually for the following reasons:

When the air conditioning system is not used for a period of time, or left unserviced, bacteria and fungi can grow due to the build up of condensation combined with the engine warmth. Unpleasant odours can develop as a result of bacteria build up, which is a medical risk as it encourages coughs, colds, sore throats and allergic reactions.

Up to 10% of the gas refrigerant can escape annually and when the system loses its gas the system will have to work harder, increasing the car's fuel consumption.

Our Fiat technicians know how to look after your air conditioning and we offer both antibacterial cleanse and a full air conditioning service.

The antibacterial cleanse consists of a complete operational check of the system, removing any odours, killing any bacteria and includes a replacement pollen filter, where necessary.

The full service will add a complete check for leaks, replace the refrigerant, ensure the gas is at the correct temperature and check effective operation of the cooling fan.

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