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At Thames Alfa we are able to offer you advice on the correct tyre for your vehicle. Given the choice of tyres and regulations in place, making sure you have the right one can prove to be bewildering. Our manufacturer approved technicians are on hand to help you choose the appropriate tyre and here at Thames Alfa we stock an extensive range of tyres such as Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone. We also hold a selection of economical tyres if you are looking for something more cost-effective and if you can find a tyre cheaper elsewhere, we will endeavour to match the price.

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It is also important that the tyres meet the legal UK requirements with a tread no lower than 1.6 millimetres for safety and to ensure a reasonable grip on the road. For improved safety, at Thames Alfa we advise changing your tyre even before it reaches this level. The tyre also needs to be adequately inflated as the life of the tyre can be affected if it is under or over inflated.

For more information and to book your complimentary tyre check, fill out the form below. At Thames Alfa we also stock a number of tyres to suit your vehicle's needs, including those from the following brands:


Bridgestone have been manufacturing tyres for over 80 years, establishing themselves as a global presence in the 1980s after great success as Japan’s number one producer of tyres. They are famed for innovation with £300m invested into research and development each year which upholds their worldwide reputation for superior tyre quality. Winning the Formula One World Championship in 1998 further supported Bridgestone’s presence as a leader in tyre manufacturing, with effective tyres that perform well in all conditions without compromising on safety.


Continental tyres have been in the tyre manufacturing industry for over 130 years and in this time have emerged as a globally successful brand. They are renowned for their quality control methods to produce tyres that stay at the forefront of innovation and provide safety as well as superior performance. In Europe their success has been of particular note as 1 in 4 European cars that have been produced since 2003 have included tyres developed by Continental. They are also recognised as an Original Equipment Supplier for European passenger car manufacturers as well as being renowned as a leading supplier of automotive parts worldwide.


For over 100 years, since the first factory was opened in Dublin, Dunlop tyres have become synonymous with innovation and technology. Not only do they have an unmatched reputation for producing quality tyres but have also played a major part in racing sports. In the 1920s, Dunlop first manufactured a racing tyre with capabilities of up to 200mph on the race track and this success has continued over the years as one of the leaders in tyre development.


Goodyear has had a long history spanning over 100 years in tyre manufacture and development. Their innovative techniques have ensured a number one spot as North America’s tyre manufacturer and are also ranked second in Europe. Their research and development ensures they remain at the forefront of tyre advancement and a recent invention has been the EfficientGrip tyre for reduced fuel efficiency but optimal safety. Goodyear have been important proponents in the launch of the EU tyre safety label. This provides an easy to understand description of a tyre’s features, enabling customers to choose the right ones for them, depending on several factors such as road grip and environmental impact. Goodyear’s success has also meant they were the first company to put a tyre on the moon!


Famed for their tyres and their award-winning Michelin Man logo and established over 100 years ago, Michelin first started to manufacture tyres in 1927 in Stoke-on-Trent, which still remains as the company’s head office. In those years Michelin have become renowned for advancements and improvements to the safety, durability and fuel efficiency of tyres, three key aspects which have been developed with the end user in mind. Their success continues worldwide with over 150 million tyres produced in 2009 that serve over 170 countries and maintain Michelin’s presence as a global leader in tyre manufacturing.

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