Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA on track
The New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Introducing the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

GTA, the legendary acronym for Giulia Gran Turismo Alleggerita. Born in 1965, it was used on a special tuned and lightened version of the Giulia GT developed by Autodelta.

To celebrate 110 years of Alfa Romeo, the GTA nameplate is reborn. Using the same recipe as the original 1965 GTA, Alfa Romeo have added power and reduced the weight of the Giulia Quadrifoglio to deliver the best ever Alfa Romeo driving experience. Only 500 units of this exclusive model will be available.

Performance DNA

Derived from the state-of-the-art Giulia Quadrifoglio, Giulia GTA and Giulia GTAm are equipped with a more powerful version of the Alfa Romeo 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo engine producing 540 HP and extensive work has been done to reduce the weight by 100kg. Thanks to these enhancements, the Giulia GTAm is capable of acceleration from zero to 62mph, with the Launch Control system, in just 3.6 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Spoiler
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Wheel
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Rear


Extraordinary performance is not achieved simply by increasing the power. With the GTA, reducing the weight has been a primary focus and extensive work has been done to achieve a total weight reduction of 100kg. To achieve this impressive weight reduction, lightweight materials have been used throughout. The drive shaft, bonnet, roof, front bumper, front wheel arches and rear wheel arch inserts and the shell of the sports seats with six-point Sabelt seat belts in the GTAm are all made from Carbon Fibre. Aluminium has been used in the engine, doors and suspension systems and various other composite materials have been used inside and out.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Interior
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Sabelt Seats
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Roll Bar

Two Distinct Versions

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and its extreme version, the Giulia GTAm, will be built in a limited edition of only 500 units in total, all numbered and certified and ready to take up their place alongside their 1965 forerunner as one of the most sought-after collector’s items. See the differences between the two versions below:

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Front
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Rear


INTERIOR​Full Alcantara
FRONT SEATS​Leather/ Alcantara Sparco Seats
REAR SEATS​Leather/ Alcantara Rear Bench
ACCENTSMatt Carbon Fibre
​REAR WING​Sauber Aero Kit
​SIDESKIRTS​Sauber Aero Kit


INTERIOR​Full Alcantara
FRONT SEATS​Leather/ Alcantara Sparco with 6-point Harness
REAR SEATSRoll bar + Alcantara Rear Bench
​FRONT PANELSStandard​ with pull loop
ACCENTSMatt Carbon Fibre
​WINDOWS​Lexan rear/back
​REAR WING​Sauber New Enlarged Aero Wing
​SIDESKIRTS​Sauber Aero Kit

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm is now sold out.

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