Alfa Romeo Supaguard Paint Protection

We always suggest that our customers at Thames Alfa Romeo choose Supagard paint protection for their car. It forms an invisible barrier on the surface of the vehicle, preventing damage from UV rays, grime and even acid rain. Any Supagard treatment (excluding SupaWheels) applied by our technicians is guaranteed for three years (subject to conditions).

Supagard Paint Sealant creates a microfilm that bonds to the paintwork of your car. It seals the finish and protects it from the elements. Once applied, the Supagard will stay on through wash after wash with a consistent high gloss.

For the inside of your Alfa, InteriorGuard protects against dirt and liquid spills. It coats every fibre in a resin-based formula, lowering friction and prolonging the life of the material. If your vehicle has leather upholstery, a special Leather Guard is available. VinylGuard is specifically designed for interiors that feature vinyl and plastic surfaces, preventing the fading and cracking of the trim.

SupaWheels and the Alloy Wheel Protector guard your wheels from environmental pollution and brake dust. With SupaWheels, dust and dirt can be removed in just one wipe.

To choose any new Alfa Romeo with Supagard protection, simply get in touch today. You can select Supagard treatments for your car at our dealerships in Tunbridge Wells and Slough.

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