Jeep Air Conditioning Service

Why do I need my air conditioning checked?

Air conditioning and climate control uses compressed refrigerant gas which circulates around the system, cooling the air when it reaches the cabin. Helping to demist the windscreen in the winter, by removing the condensation, your air conditioning system needs regular servicing every two years.

Getting it checked on a regular basis can reduce high repair costs in future as well as making sure the temperature in your Jeep is always at a level suitable to you. If left unserviced, bacteria and fungi can start to grow when condensation builds up. This can lead to unpleasant smells and is a medical risk. What's more, the system is put under increased strain which will lead to higher fuel consumption.

Our technicians are highly trained and manufacturer approved and the air conditioning service includes:

  • Replacing the refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system
  • Checking seals and joints for leaks
  • Replacing the oil to ensure the system doesn’t become hard and allow the gas to escape

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