Abarth Tyres

Knowing what tyre to choose for your Abarth can be baffling. At Thames Abarth our expertly trained technicians can help you navigate the options and advise you on the right kind of tyre for your Abarth. We stock a wide variety of tyres, including Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone, as well as a great range of value tyres, so one of them is bound to fit your vehicle requirements. Plus, if you find any tyre prices that are cheaper elsewhere, we offer a price pledge guarantee.

It is also important that your tyres meet the minimum tread condition of 1.6 millimetres. If left unchecked, tyres wear down and lose their grip on the road, increasing the risk of accidents. At Thames Abarth we can show you how to check the tyre tread. We can also ensure the tyres on your Abarth are correctly inflated to ensure they run in perfect condition.

Contact Thames Abarth on 01753 325061 (SLOUGH) OR 01892 256084 (TUNBRIDGE WELLS) to arrange a free health check today

We stock a number of tyres at Thames Abarth, such as the following:


A global company since the 1980s and Japan’s largest tyre maker in the 1950s, Bridgestone are renowned worldwide for advances in tyre technology that help improve the effectiveness of their tyres without compromising on safety and the environment. Bridgestone invest heavily in research and development, spending £300m a year on developing new technologies to improve performance and stay at the cutting edge of tyre innovation. Bridgestone also have success on the race track, winning their first Formula One Championship in 1998.


Continental tyres are not only a worldwide leading brand of tyres but feature strongly in Europe, where 1 in 4 of all European cars produced in the last 10 years feature tyres developed by Continental. Manufacturing tyres for over 130 years in over 35 countries, they are renowned for being one of the world’s key automotive component suppliers and are one of the main Original Equipment suppliers for passenger car manufacturers in Europe. They maintain their strong global presence due to their established and stringent quality control testing and continually invest in research to provide superior performing tyres.


Since Dunlop opened its first tyre plant in 1889 it has played a leading part in tyre innovations. These developments have not only proved successful amongst car drivers but also led to outstanding results for racing as well. The relationship with Motorsport started as far back as the 1920s when Dunlop developed tyres that could go up to 200mph. It is this continual revolution that ensures Dunlop remains one of the biggest tyre brands worldwide.


Goodyear tyres are ranked top in North America and second in Europe and have been manufacturing tyres since the late 19thcentury, playing a key role in tyre innovation and development. Their presence even stretches into space, having been the first to put a tyre on the moon! They continually invest in improvements, creating tyres such as the EfficientGrip to lessen fuel consumption without compromising on safety. In recent months Goodyear has helped introduce the EU tyre label, which is a clear way that customers can see the features of a particular tyre. The label makes distinctions between safety, environmental impact, grip and fuel efficiency.


Michelin develop tyres with the customer in mind, constantly looking for ways to advance the safety features, the life of the tyre as well as fuel efficiency. Having been manufacturing tyres since 1927 in their head office in Stoke-on-Trent, this customer focused approach has ensured a presence on over 170 countries as a leading producer of tyres. Most famous of all is their logo, the ‘Michelin Man’ which is so popular that it even won a Financial Times worldwide panel award in 2000 for being the ‘Best Logo Symbol of all time’. In 2009 they produced over 150 million tyres and continue to explore new techniques in tyre innovation.

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