The All New Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Here At Thames Motor Group!

The moment we have all been waiting for... The craving to feast our eyes upon the all new Alfa Romeo Giulia... IS FINALLY HERE!



The all new Alfa Romeo Giulia has finally graced us here at Thames Motor Group, and is in the showrooms ready and waiting for everyone to come and view its beauty.

Here at Thames we acknowledge the importance of the history behind a car...

Alfa Romeo and the Giulia have an amazing history that shows the evolvement and heritage of the Giulia from the first ones back in the 60's to the all new Alfa Romeo Giulia today.

The launch of the ultra-stylish Giulia saloon in 1962 broadened its customer base, and by the mid-Sixties there were Alfa Romeo aficionados across the globe and the Alfisti movement was born.

At Thames we are very fortunate to be able to showcase a 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super in our showroom at Slough. This Gorgeous car will be alongside The all new Alfa Romeo Giulia, to show the history of the car that is built today.

To find out more about the all new Alfa Romeo Giulia please contact us today on

01892 256 083 (Tunbridge Wells) or 01753 325 035 (Slough)