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At Thames Citroën we know that it is important to choose the right tyre for your vehicle but that the choice can be confusing. We can offer advice on the right kind of tyre for your Citroën from our wide range of stock which includes Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone as well as a quality range of lower-priced tyres to suit your individual needs. At Thames Citroën we also offer a price match if you find a lower cost tyre elsewhere.

Depending on your Citroën and your vehicle’s purpose, our manufacturer trained technicians can ensure you have the appropriate tyres for your driving needs. We can also explain how to check the tread of your tyre to ensure it falls within the legal limit of 1.6 millimetres. At Thames Citroën it is important to check the tread of your tyre as the more it wears down, the less able it is to grip the road safely. It is also important that your Citroën tyres are not over or under inflated as this can cause them to wear down more quickly.

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At Thames Citroën we stock a range of tyres for all your needs, including the main brands below:

Bridgestone are famed worldwide for their innovation in tyre development, investing up to £300m annually on research and development. Their worldwide reputation for quality was also confirmed by their first Formula One Championship win in 1998. They started out as Japan’s largest tyre maker in the 1950s, becoming a global presence in the 1980s and to this day are renowned for their commitment to developing tyres that perform safely and effectively in all conditions.

Continental tyres have been manufacturing tyres for over 130 years and their strong commitment to research and development has helped establish them as a world-leading tyre manufacturer. In Europe, not only do 1 in 4 passenger cars include tyres developed by Continental but they also serve as an Original Equipment supplier to European manufacturers. Operating in 35 countries worldwide, Continental tyres are subject to strong quality control checks to ensure they remain renowned for optimum safety and performance.

Dunlop have ben manufacturing tyres since 1889 and over the last century have established themselves as market leaders both on road and race track. Dunlop was responsible for developing a tyre that could withstand speeds of up to 200mph as far back as the 1920s, signalling the beginning of a highly successful role in Motorsport. They have played a key role both in the innovation of standard passenger vehicle tyres as well as range of sporting vehicles and it’s this creativity that has gained them such a good reputation amongst car and motorcycle fans worldwide.

Goodyear are famed worldwide for their tyre development and innovation, the success of which has secured them number one and number two spots in North America and Europe respectively. Goodyear has been manufacturing tyres for over 100 years and their continuous advancements have produced tyres such as the EfficientGrip which maintains optimum safety but with improved fuel efficiency. Goodyear have also been integral in introducing the EU tyre safety label which clearly illustrates the key features of a tyre, such as grip, safety and the environmental impact. They were also the first company to put a tyre on the moon!

Michelin tyres are synonymous with the Michelin Man logo, a logo so popular it was awarded ‘Best Logo Symbol of all time’ by a Financial Times worldwide panel in 2000’. However Michelin tyres are also just as popular as the logo they are famous for, with 150 million tyres being produced in 2009, serving customers around the globe in over 170 countries. Michelin maintain their position as a successful tyre manufacturer by investing in research that addresses the three key areas of tyre performance – safety, durability and fuel efficiency, all developed to ensure the customer can choose the right tyre for their needs.

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