Citroën air conditioning service only £69

How does the air conditioning in my Citroën work?

Air conditioning uses compressed refrigerant gas which is circulated around your Citroën's system and cools the air before it reaches you in the cabin. It's most used in the summer to keep your car cool, but can be just as useful in the winter to reduce condensation and keep visibility high.

How can air conditioning go wrong in my Citroën?

An unpleasant odour can be the first sign that your air conditioning is not functioning as it should. But nasty smells aren't the only horrid symptom of a faulty air conditioning system - bacteria and fungi - fed by the ideal conditions of condensation and engine heat can start to grow, posing a health risk in the form of sore throats, coughs, colds and causing allergies to flare up.

Un-serviced air conditioning can also lead to increased fuel consumption as the system works overtime - 10% of your fas can escape every year.

A regular air conditioning check carried out on your Citroën every two years will help keep it running in peak condition. Not only will it ensure optimum functioning of the internal temperature, keeping you cool when you need it, but will help minimise expensive repair costs at a later date.

Our manufacturer approved technicians will include the following in an air conditioning service:

  • Replacing the refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system
  • Checking seals and joints for leaks
  • Replacing the oil to ensure the system doesn’t become hard and allow the gas to escape

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