What is SMART body repair insurance for your Citroen?

SMART body repairs are ideal If your Citroën has incurred minor damage* such as a scratch, scuff, dent or chip. These can be fixed quickly, economically and easily with Cosmetic Accident Repair Solutions (C.A.R.S) insurance. You can contact one of 150 qualified C.A.R.S technicians with a simple phone call and they are usually able to make the repairs within two hours. To save even more time the repairs can usually be done at your home or workplace due to the up-to-date technology used to mend the damage. The repairs are also covered by a lifetime ownership guarantee.

C.A.R.S insurance can help your Citroën look as new which will not only help preserve its resale value but will not have any bearing on your no-claims bonus. Should you be in the unfortunate position of suffering another minor dent or similar to your Citroën at a later date, the policy will still allow you to make another claim.

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*In order to establish if the damage is repairable under the C.A.R.S system you will be provided with a C.A.R.S assessment template to ascertain the extent of the damage and whether it can be repaired under the terms of the claim. Minor Damage is any chip, minor dent, light scratch and/or scuffed bumper. In the case of multiple damages being causes by the same incident, the total size of the combined damaged area must also be no larger than 15cm in diameter and 3mm in depth and sit within 1 body panel.