Citroen Car Finance Options

Citroen car Finance at Thames Motor Group enables you to secure your car with a range of financing options and plans such as, Citroen Hire Purchase which uses a fixed interest rate and monthly payment with the option to pay off your car early at no extra charge.

Citroen Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) which allows you to take control of your repayment plan to suit your needs, with the assurance that there will be no extra costs at the end of the contract.

Citroen Lease Purchase allows you to choose your monthly repayments to fit your budget and delays part of the payment until the end of the contract. A lease purchase agreement is used when the customer does not have the capital to buy the car outright, allowing them to buy the car at the end of this agreement.

For more information on any of our finance options use the links below or get in touch with our helpful teams at Thames Citroen today.

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